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Dr. Ron Crockett
Your Salem Chiropractor

I have been to a handful of chiropractors in my life, and none are as thoughtful, kind, and caring as Dr. Crockett. The gentle methods he uses for adjustments are unlike any other I have ever experienced. I feel much better and am not afraid of any neck adjustments. Thank you to Dr. Crockett and his wonderful staff for taking such great care of their patients!


At the age of 11 it was discovered that I had curvature of the spine. By age 16 I was beginning to have backaches and they continued to get worse with each passing year, until by the age of 40, my lumbar never stopped hurting! The pain would get better or worse but never stopped. All that Doctors could do was give me strong pain pills and sleeping medications that made me feel drugged and tired all the time. Knowing that those things were unhealthy, I decided to go the "Natural" way and try herbs. I tried every herb for sleeping that was made and still no sleep - Herbs for pain too but they could not help pain that severe. By the age of 50 I was often going for 7 days and nights without one second of sleep and I was in a state of constant exhaustion. I found it impossible to take a nap. I could rest but never sleep. By age 60 the most sleep I ever got was 15 hours per week, perhaps for one week and the next, go seven with no sleep then back to 15. and this became a regular pattern for years. The lumbar pain was always much worse at night, laying down at any time always made it worse. Bedtime had become a "torture chamber" of agony. Finally, after realizing that the doctors could not help me I had come to feel there was no hope, so I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed that the pain and sleeplessness would be taken away or that I could please die. Then while walking down a familiar street a few days later I saw a new building that was not there before and it had a Chiropractor sign. I went in and told Dr. Crockett my situation. Within 2 weeks of treatments I felt amazingly better and in less than 3 months was completely pain free and sleeping better and better. I am even able to take naps now, for hours and for the first time in maybe 20 years. Dr. Crockett was the answer to my prayers!


Once again I had pulled some muscles in my back. For the third time a friend had given me Dr. Crockett's phone number. She told me she keeps him on speed dial. She said....Debbie, when are you going to get that taken care of? Dr. Crockett will work wonders for you back............ Being the skeptic that I am, it took those three different painful times before I had the courage to call. I was afraid he would pop something or hurt me. I lost hope that anyone could help me feel better, I would be in pain forever. My pain was the aggravation of an older injury where I fell on my butt with a room full of kids watching. Not only was I humiliated, but it gave me pain for years to come. This time it was so bad I could hardly lift my leg to walk, it just about made me cry to move. Dr. Crockett showed me the x-ray of my back and how that fall had injured the lowest part of my back. Methodically each visit he used his tools to encourage things back to the positions where they belonged. It never hurt. Each visit my pain became a little less. I had many little set backs along the way, now, I can say, that I have been pain free for an entire month!! I am thrilled. After all these years it feels like a dream to be able to bend, walk and stand without being in mind blowing pain! I know that if a #1 skeptic can be on the road to complete healing, everyone can! Don't put it off any longer. This wonderful staff will take great care of you and you will feel better in no time. Then you will ask yourself the same question I keep asking myself.............why didn't I go sooner?!


As a patient of Dr. Crockett's I can honestly tell you that his "light" Chiropractic care is the "only" way to go. It really works! I had originally started out with a twisted hip and a very messed up spine, from my neck to the very bottom of my back. Along with that were all the symptoms, back, neck, shoulder and arms with a lot of severe pain. Also, accompanying that were headaches, bad allergies, acid reflex and insomnia. I was a mess! Within around my second week of treatments my pain in all areas was subsiding, third week - I had realized my headaches had almost diminished, fifth week - my hips were back to normal, sixth week - I had no more acid reflex. I just kept getting better and better. I am back to sleeping nights without pain waking me out of a dead sleep. I am back to being myself again. As for Dr. Crockett, you could no ask for a more caring, polite gentleman, so full of excitement in healing each and every patient. I am so very thankful for finding Dr. Crockett and his "light" Chiropractic Care. I only wish I could have found him sooner, it may have saved me from back surgery and a whole lot of pain.

My "opinion" we need more Doctors in this profession around the world to truly help patients in all - around healing Thank you Dr. Crockett


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  • "My "opinion" we need more Doctors in this profession around the world to truly help patients in all - around healing Thank you Dr. Crockett"
    Teresa / Salem, OR

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